Here Comes The Bride: 4 Tips To Hiring The Perfect Wedding Planner!

Here Comes The Bride: 4 Tips To Hiring The Perfect Wedding Planner!

Planning for one of the biggest days in your life can be pretty overwhelming, and while you still want to be in control of your wedding, you don’t want to be pulling double-duty as both a bride and planner. That’s when you get smart and hire a professional. Here are four important tips from to ensure the wedding planner you hire is “the one.”

Bank On Experience

Successful wedding planning requires more than just an eye for color; in fact, it’s a very complicated process, and you want to look for a planner with experience. Not that newbies aren’t talented, but there’s no substitute for experience when it comes to the pressure and ability to multitask.

Ask For Personal References

Talk to brides and grooms who are happy with the wedding planner you’re considering hiring. Even if everything didn’t go exactly as planned, you want to know that the planner had grace under pressure, all their ducks in a row and went the extra mile to make sure everything was extra special.

Formulate A Budget

Before agreeing to any formal contract, be sure and discuss how much you intend to spend on your wedding. Know all the up-front costs, consulting fees and everything in between, so that you don’t receive any surprise bills after the honeymoon.

Stay In Constant Contact

One of the most important things you can do with a wedding planner stays in touch. Once you’ve hired the right one, you’ll need to keep checking and double-checking all the arrangements, right up to the last minute. Before you hire anyone, ask about the entire process and how you will work together as a team; otherwise, you may not enter into the type of arrangement you’re looking for.

Don’t leave anything to chance with your big day. Hire a great planner, check in with them regularly and relax: This day is going to be perfect!

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